I am a composer/producer working under several artist persona, Stefan is exploring the possibilities of musical composition for meditative environments and in support of mind-body health. After spending almost a year in doctors’ offices, acupuncture studios, yoga sessions, massage therapy, and noting just how bad some of the music being played was, I decided to try to make something better. I am trying to create new music that is relaxing and meditative in nature, but still, well, good music.

So, my first album as Stefan,”Meditations,” will drop in Summer 2020, available on all the usual digital download and streaming services. 

Until then, relax and enjoy a couple of tracks:

Moita was composed in the summer of 1976, after I had returned from a trip to Europe. I had spent a week aboard a 60′ sailing yacht named Moita, and the relaxing sound of the Mediterranean Sea inspired the music that became this piece. It had never been performed or recorded, so when I decided to start this project I decided to make this the first piece in the set.

Alone-Inuk was composed in 2009 when I was recovering from the first time I fractured my spine, and recorded for my 2010 release “Decades,” by Mashine Music. Here it is totally reconceived, inspired by a beautiful new instrument created by my good friend Robert Godin of Godin Guitars. The Inuk is an 11-stringed instrument, much like the Oud, but with steel strings and a haunting sound that draws me to my Semitic roots. I hope you enjoy this one!

So who is Stefan? I am David Mash, a musician, educator, futurist and music technologist. I worked for 41 years at Berklee College of Music, where my last position was senior vice president for innovation, strategy, and technology. I have worked with the music products industry since the mid-1970s to help design and test new music technology instruments and tools and am currently working with some of the leading companies in this space to invent more powerful tools for human expression.

I also produce electronic jazz fusion music under the name Mashine Music, and my music can be found on most of the popular digital music sites, including AppleMusic, Spotify, Amazon Music, and others. I also partner with my long time friend and Berklee colleague Peter Bell in Bar of 2 Productions, to produce my music, Peter’s music, and other musicians whose music we love. Please check out my other music and projects at the websites listed here, and watch for the “Meditations” release. Oh, and by the way, there is another Stefan album already in the works, and hopefully there will be lots more to come…